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LILAC SKT 130-Z Console Table
Curved console table. Legs, frame and table top made of MDF. The curved shelf is made of stainless steel. The four legs have an elegant, well balanced conical shape. LILAC comes with a gloss lacquer finish and elegant stainless steel details.
130 cm wide x 35 cm deep x 77 cm high
The LILAC SKT130-Z console table is available in the following colour tones:
  • weiß RAL 9010
  • hellbeige NCS S 2005-Y50R
  • schlamm NCS S 5005-Y20R
  • flanellgrau NCS S 6500-N
  • schwarz RAL 9005
  • weinrot RAL 3005
  • aubergine NCS S 8010-R10B
  • nude NCS S 3010-Y80R
  • dark-sea NCS S 6005-G20Y
  • hibiscus NCS S 1070-Y80R
  • pearl NCS S 1502-Y

    Link: Materials and colours
    Custom colour tones and custom height are available on request.
    Estimated delivery lead times:
    Made to order, approx. 10 - 12 weeks