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GAP Sideboard wall mounted, Series W2
Body 19 mm MDF, mitred frame and panel construction. Doors and drawers mitred to the carcass. GAP furniture body on the inside always with a satin beige finish. Recessed handle and base metal, polished chrome finish.
This GAP Sideboard version has two flap doors and two drawers at the top. The 240 cm wide version comes with three flap doors and three drawers. This wall mounted Sideboard is available as “left” or “right” version.
Please leave a note at checkout about your choice of direction, left or right.
Height 60 cm
Depth 37 cm or 45 cm, Inner depth 32.2 cm/40.2 cm
Please leave a note at checkout which version is best for you, 37 or 45 deep.
GAP Sideboard W2 width options:
  • 150 cm wide
  • 180 cm wide
  • 210 cm wide
  • 240 cm wide
.Material - wood veneer-finishes:
  • Oak anthracite
  • Pigmented light oak
  • Oak stained, wenge
  • Oak, slate grey
  • Cherrywood nova - on request
  • Dark walnut - on request
.Material - satin lacquer finishes:
  • weiß RAL 9010
  • hellbeige NCS S 2005-Y50R
  • schlamm NCS S 5005-Y20R
  • sand NCS S 4010-Y30R
  • graubraun RAL 8019
  • flanellgrau NCS S 6500-N
  • schwarz RAL 9005
  • fango Sikkens E4.10.40
  • terrra NCS S 7005-Y20R
  • dark-sea NCS S 6005-G20Y
  • pearl NCS S 1502-Y
Please leave a note at checkout about your satin colour or wood veneer choice.
Estimated delivery lead times:
Made to order, approx. 10 - 12 weeks
Materials and colours