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Luxury metal tray for the BRONXX shelving and storage furniture series. Very sturdy (heavy) tray, handmade from one large single brass metal sheet.
Please note, the BRONXX Tray can also be used as a lid for the BRONXX storage box.
31.2 cm x 37 cm x 7 cm high
  • Polished brass, slightly bronzed - colour 21
  • Stainless steel - colour 10
Always with a protective lacquer layer.
BRONXX is a representative storage furniture series, for modern, open living. Luxurious and distinctive. Made of timeless authentic materials. Ideal for contemporary homes. For spaces like living, eating, sleeping and working. All metal surfaces are treated by hand, resulting in a deliberate subtle irregularity.
Estimated delivery lead times:
Made to order, approx. 8 - 10 weeks